Income Distribution Planning & Implementation

In the Accumulation phase of Clients’ Strategic Financial Plan, we strive to maximize growth while remaining within agreed upon risk tolerance parameters. In the Distribution phase, growth remains a key component but tempered with concern for maintaining liquidity for periodic cash distribution. As your strategic financial partner, our objective is to manage your portfolio within your tolerance for risk and to provide your desired income from all sources while avoiding the premature depletion of assets.

Together we will establish your Strategic Financial Plan:

  • Determine income Objectives
  • Design your portfolio’s Asset Allocation to be within your risk tolerance while striving to maximize growth potential
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art financial model to determine probability of success
  • Develop a distribution schedule which fits your needs
  • Choose investment managers for each category of asset allocation who rank highest in their asset allocation class based upon investment return, volatility and investment style over 3 and 5 year periods
  • In the Distribution phase, establish a “cash cushion” to reduce the impact of market volatility
  • Regularly review and adjust your portfolio to help assure your objectives continue to be met

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